Gypsy Drums is a new concept store built out of a further commitment to the world of drumming.  Run by Caris the Gypsy, the drum store is a traveling and online store which is designed to fill the needs of the growing drumming community.

I started drumming almost 7-8 years ago, and every year my passion has increased, my interests and needs have grown, and where I want to take my drumming has expanded and is even more exciting.  I switched to playing split finger style drumming on the doumbek about 3 years ago, and I completely love it.  Now I want to start sharing that love and helping other people find their passions in drumming.  I'm going to start teaching drumming, which means I need a lot of drums around, so it makes sense for me to have them for sale.  And this opens the door for me to have access to drums that I haven't played before and other related instruments as well.  So, I'll also be carrying items that I'm interested in, I think mix well if what we already have, such as Tupan, Ouds, Saz, Zarb drums, Zurnas, etc.  So it should be a lot of fun!

What I'm selling at Gypsy Drums, are the drums I love and trust and have used over the years.  I'm trying to carry products that I can stand behind, and will be used and loved by the people I'm selling to.  One of the items that started this whole adventure are the bell drums.  Bell drums are often called Hank Drums, or some people call them by the name of their cousing the Hang drum; they are metal tongue drums which look like flying saucers and have tongues cut in the surface and can be played by hand or with mallets.  I'm working on having these made currently, and they will be available as soon as possible, naturally we want to get everything right and these instruments take some skill to tune well.

Over time we'll be adding other products as well, such as additional learning resources.  I'm working on rhythm CDs and printed materials that will coincide with my classes.  We'll have drum accessories such as lamps, stools, bags, etc., which are in the works in various stages, obviously products that we are producing ourselves are going to take a little time to get up and running.  Please join our mailing list or follow the facebook page ( to find out when those are available.

I'm planning to run the store at mostly west coast SCA events, and hopefully Pennsic.  We'll be partnering with Wanderlust Imports for our first events, so find us in their booth at: Estrella War and Potrero War.  And eventually Pennsic and Great Western War.